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Bellingham Retina Specialists is committed to providing the best care for your vision in a warm and welcoming environment. Utilizing the latest advances in medicine and diagnostic technology, we offer treatment for a wide range of retinal and vitreous conditions. Most importantly, our physicians take the time to make sure you and your family members are well-informed and confident to make the right decision for your eyes.

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Our Mission Statement


Our purpose at Bellingham Retina Specialists is to improve lives by preserving the gift of sight.


As one of the leading retina specialists in the Pacific Northwest, we are an integral part of the community. We welcome diversity and accommodate all, by providing quality care with compassion, integrity and respect.

Along with our physicians, our friendly and knowledgeable staff inspire overall health and well-being, while placing value on patient education.

With the latest advanced technology, we ensure our patients get the most up to date care possible.


To achieve our vision, we collaborate to create a safe environment while valuing your privacy. We advocate for encouragement, commitment, and excellence.

  • Individualized Care

    in a warm and welcoming environment

  • Years of Experience

    combined with cutting-edge technology

  • Keeping You Informed

    and confident every step of the way

Serving Bellingham and Beyond

We love the city of Bellingham and are passionate about helping patients enjoy the beauty of our community by offering the best vision care. Located right in Bellingham, our practice is a convenient option for patients who live in the heart of the city or in surrounding areas.

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One Patient’s Thoughts

I have been a patient of both doctors and they are excellent. The equipment they use here is state of the art and each time I get injections, everything is fully explained. I am able to see the scans but most importantly, my vision is stable. I am able to drive, even at night, and I am blessed to be treated right in Bellingham.

Elaine Casperson
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Our practice utilizes the latest diagnostic technology and procedures to achieve an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment outcomes for retinal and vitreous conditions.

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